Mônica Martelli confesses that she flirted with a doctor by mistake: ‘Crazy to catch you’


Monica Martelli revealed that she paid for a tamarin by sending the wrong message to her doctor. The actress mistook the number of the health professional with that of a boy who was in a relationship. “I thought it was for my boyfriend, [mandei] a message like: ‘Crazy to kiss you’ “, said the actress.

The artist assumed that she has difficulties with communication applications, precisely because she is not a person very attentive to details.

“I’m a danger, I’m really worried about me. Nowadays, when I send a message on WhatsApp, I just pass the message, I read the person’s name ‘Suzana’, ok, then I go back there and say: ‘ Suzana ‘. I want to make sure, I already sent it, but I’m going again to see if it’s the person.

Then, Monica commented on a monkey that made her very uncomfortable. “I already sent a message to my doctor, a message that I thought was for my boyfriend, [mandei] a message like: ‘Crazy to kiss you, dying of longing, I want to get you whole’. Madness! When I saw that I was the doctor, it gave me a faint feeling. I saw that the person had already read “.

“The worst, which was the other way around, I passed it on to a guy I was leaving, thinking he was my doctor. He was a very intimate doctor: ‘Honey, I really need to talk to you. There is a strange thing going on, I I sneezed and a jet of pee came out. ‘Then the guy replied’ kkkkk ‘. I said,’ Hey, why is he laughing at me? ‘At the time my leg was shaking, “she continued.

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