Mother’s Love: Lourdes confronts Thelma about Danilo’s true identity


Lurdes (Regina Casé) will take on freight with Thelma (Adriana Esteves) in Amor de Mãe. The northeastern woman will receive information that will make her discover that Domênico is Danilo (Chay Suede) and will confront the villain, who will wrap her up to save time and not be unmasked by her son in Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera.

Finally Lourdes will discover the truth she is looking for. Everything will happen after Vitória (Taís Araujo) gives the nanny a list of patients who were admitted to Hospital do Passeio, in the year the boy was sold by his father.

In the list, the employee of Lídia (Malu Galli) will see Thelma’s name, will not waste time and will confront her. The woman will take advantage of the fact that Camila’s son (Jessica Ellen) and Danilo will need to undergo emergency surgery and will ask Regina Casé’s character to wait until the delicate moment passes to tell the truth.

But all the concern for the grandson will be nothing more than a strategy for Thelma to set up the kidnapping of Lourdes. The villain will decide to kill her to prevent the boy from knowing about her real origin.

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