Mother’s Love: Lourdes escapes from ‘children’s cage’ to find Domenico


Lourdes (Regina Casé) is going to give her children a loss in Amor de Mãe. Trapped at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the maid will be able to get rid of the heirs’ care to look for Doménico. The nanny of the nine o’clock soap will make a video talking about the search for the trafficked boy and will leave his “cage” to investigate a false clue.

The protagonist of the plot by Manuela Dias will be able to escape from her children in the next chapter on the 18th. In the second phase of Amor de Mãe, the pandemic with the coronavirus will have prevented you from leaving home for more than six months. She will be supervised by the family for being part of the risk group.

Érica (Nanda Costa), Magno (Juliano Cazarré), Ryan (Thiago Martins) and Camila (Jéssica Ellen) will do anything to keep the matriarch at home. So, for the veteran to continue looking for Domênico, she will record a video to tell her story.

Thelma (Adriana Esteves) will see her friend’s appeal on the internet. To prevent her from discovering that Danilo (Chay Suede) is Domenico, the merchant will e-mail a false clue to the woman who accidentally killed Jandir (Daniel Ribeiro) after the child was trafficked. Magno will be the first to suspect the message and will alert the mother.

Smartly, Vitória’s friend (Taís Araujo) will not let the bad joke go unnoticed and will go after the person responsible, deluded with a false hope of obtaining other information.

Regina Casé’s character will sneak out of the house to find out who was the one who had the courage to lie to a mother in search of “her own child”. That is where she will be at risk not only of being contaminated with Covid-19, but of falling into the clutches of Thelma. By this time, the villain will have already killed one more person to hide her secret: Jane (Isabel Teixeira).

Amor de Mãe has only 23 chapters to say goodbye to the public. After showing the unpublished chapters of the plot, Globo will air the replay of Império (2014), a booklet written by Aguinaldo Silva.

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