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Mother’s Love: Thelma receives a visit from the past and is unmasked; know who


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A visit from the past will cause Thelma (Adriana Esteves) to be unmasked in Amor de Mãe. Nurse Eudésio’s daughter (Wilson Rabelo) will try to thank the merchant for an alleged donation made in the first phase of the plot. In fact, the villain bribed the health professional. Danilo (Chay Suede) will find the story strange and question the mother. Without knowing it, he will be close to discovering the biggest secret of Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera.

Camila’s husband (Jessica Ellen) will face this false good deed by the owner of the Portuguese restaurant as of this Saturday (3). Paula (Kênia Bárbara) will go to the home of Sinésio’s sister (Julio Andrade) to give her her graduation invitation.

Eudésio’s daughter will meet Danilo and tell the boy that the owner of Tasca do Passeio was largely responsible for her being able to graduate. Amanda’s ex-boyfriend (Camila Márdila) will be intrigued by this fact and will ask the girl to explain herself better.

Paula, then, will confess that Thelma donated R $ 20,000 so that she could finish her studies. For this reason, the young woman insists that the merchant is present at her graduation.

Surprised, the cook will not understand the spirit of generosity of the adoptive mother and will find out what actually happened. Rita’s murderer (Mariana Nunes) will lie when she says that she donated the money to Eudésio because the student had a serious illness and needed the amount to finish the treatment.

The justification given by Thelma will not convince Caio’s father, and he will begin to investigate the case. The boy will get closer and closer to discovering that the villain paid Eudésio so that the nurse would not tell Lourdes (Regina Casé) that she bought Domênico and put him in the place of her dead son.

What happened?

At the end of the first phase of the nine o’clock soap opera, in March last year, Rita, Camila’s biological mother, told Lurdes that she was also approached by the character of Vera Holtz to sell a son. In the conversation, the character of Mariana Nunes remembered that the drug dealer had a partner named Eudésio at Hospital do Passeio.

The antagonist played by Adriana Esteves learned about the story and ran to talk to the nurse before Érica’s mother (Nanda Costa) could approach him to get the story out. In exchange for the silence of the character of Wilson Rabelo, the owner of the Portuguese restaurant gave him R $ 20,000 to silence him. The man used the amount for Paula’s studies and also lied to her, saying it was a donation from an old friend.

Amor de Mãe returned to the air just to show how the Lourdes saga ends. The final phase has 23 chapters in all and will say goodbye to the public on the 9th. Then, Globo will have another primetime replay: Império (2014), plot written by Aguinaldo Silva.

The unprecedented Um Lugar ao Sol, with Cauã Reymond playing twins, was postponed to debut in the second half of this year due to the worsening of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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