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Presenter said that the journalist was ‘hidden’ and Silvio Santos took her out of the ‘darkness’

Disclosure / Instagram / oratinho / 24.04.2021Mouse is being called xenophobic on social media

The host little mouse ended up getting involved in a controversy by criticizing Rachel Sheherazade for filing a labor lawsuit against the SBT. This is because, on social networks, many followers are accusing the presenter of xenophobia account of statements made during your radio program, broadcast by Mass FM. Defending Silvio Santos, Mouse said the following: “It is unfortunate! Sorry, Rachel, but you were there in Paraíba, hidden, you made a comment about the carnival, Silvio Santos liked the comment, took you out of the darkness where you were, brought you to São Paulo, paid a very high salary, at least 50 times more than you earned in Paraíba. Suddenly, with enormous ingratitude, you do something like that ”. The presenter also added: “He left Paraíba and came to live in Alphaville [bairro nobre de São Paulo] because of SBT and Silvio has taken care of you all this time ”. The repercussion of the presenter’s speech was so great, that the tag “Paraíba”Stop at the most commented subjects on Twitter this Saturday, 24th.

“Taking from Paraíba is now synonymous with what? That’s the thinking of people like that! Northeasterns who appreciate themselves, should not hear that rat ”, commented a follower. “Mouse is rotten, huh! I wanted to be in Paraíba. Incredible place, with sensational people and he uses a speech loaded with xenophobia ”, wrote a follower. “So, the ‘little mouse’ said that Rachel Sheherazade was removed from the darkness of Paraíba and now lives in Alphaville, thanks to Silvio Santos? Only an illiterate mouse does not know that Paraíba is lit up and Rachel has its own glow, ”posted another. “Mouse, I’m sorry to tell you that in Paraíba we don’t live in the ‘darkness’ as you mention when criticizing your former broadcaster colleague just because she is against the government. His speech, when it comes to Paraíba, is full of xenophobia ”, added another. Rachel Sheherazade worked at TV Tambaú, SBT’s affiliated broadcaster in Paraíba, and, in 2011, was invited to work at Silvio Santos’ broadcaster in São Paulo. The journalist started to present the main newspaper of the broadcaster and her contract was terminated in August 2020.