Mr. Catra’s Widow Says She Forgave 27 Betrayals: ‘I Wouldn’t Live It Again’ – Young Pan


Silvia Catra said she is studying feminism and is more aware of abusive relationships

Reproduction/Instagram/silviacatra/29.07.2021Silvia Catra talked about her relationship with Mr. Catra

Silvia Catra, singer’s widow Mr. Catra, made an evaluation of her relationship with the funkeiro and, even emphasizing that she was in love with him, she said that she would not live something like that again. “I loved Wagner [nome de batismo do cantor] moreover, I saw in him a daddy figure and I didn’t have a father, he didn’t raise me and he didn’t have that relationship. My mother raised us alone and, when I was young, she thinks that the father figure was very important”, said Silvia in an interview with the podcast “Barbacast”. “Wagner was that platonic love, I thought I had to go through that there.” Silvia was Catra’s first wife, but they lived in a relationship in which the artist was free to have other wives.

“Some things I appreciate and other things I’m sad because I didn’t have much understanding of things. These days, I’m studying feminism, so I’m more aware of abusive relationships. I had the image that we all had to live together and I liked him. For me, it wasn’t so difficult to deal with the situation”, commented the widow, who made it clear that she currently has a different mindset. “I wouldn’t live and wouldn’t pass [por isso] again.” Silvia also said that, out of love, she forgave several betrayals. “Every woman was a bit cuckold, because when you love you forgive, if you really like it you forgive. I forgave 27 times,” he said.

Because of this, Silvia joked that she already has a little place in heaven. “All the time I talk to God to put a place in heaven [para mim], just don’t put it on his side [Catra] because it is risky for me to kill because he had nothing to have died before and left me here alone”, he commented. Catra died in September 2008, aged 49, victim of a stomach cancer. The artist’s widow said she still misses him, but nowadays it’s easier to deal with his absence. “The first two years I was down,” he confessed. Silvia also said that when she discovered the disease, Catra changed her attitude: “He became more at home, he stayed more at home, he started to watch us more, not that he didn’t, but busy life didn’t allow much. He became much more attached.”