My Style: Ju Ferraz in addition to the big events it organizes


Baiana de Itacaré and responsible for major events in the country, such as New Year’s Eve No. 1, Box No. 1 and Festival Path, the pandemic has been a phase of change not only in the business of Juliana Ferraz, director of new business and public relations at Holding Clube, as well as in your personal life. In conversation with Casual, Ju Ferraz, as she is known on social networks, tells about her time outside the networks and the office.

With events transfiguring to digital due to the pandemic, Ju talks about the transition in communication and events. “98% of our events were physical and 2% digital. Today, this has been reversed. We do 98% of the events in the digital model and 2% in the physical one, and when I talk in person, it’s the speakers in the recording studios”, he says.

Spending more time in her apartment in the Higienópolis neighborhood, in São Paulo, with her husband, son and mother, Ju dedicated herself to looking more at herself and at the small moments with her family. “I started to enjoy cooking with my family, setting the table for dinner. It all seems very simple, but it was such a distant reality, because I spent my whole life looking outside, wanting to achieve goals, employ, give results. my pleasure in the last year and a half was living in my house with my family”, he says.

In her free time at home, the businesswoman also uses social media to share with her more than 100,000 followers on Instagram topics and discoveries in the areas of fashion, behavior, travel, beauty, entertainment, motherhood, health and business. The executive also includes in her agendas, themes of social impact, such as women’s empowerment and body positive. In fact, during the pandemic, she began writing her first book, still untitled, on diversity, inclusion and female entrepreneurship. “It will be a book with passages from my life, so that I can inspire other girls who think, for having studied at a high school or not speaking English, that they will not have their place in the Sun”, she says.

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