NASA backstage, sports crime and more to watch on streaming


With the weekend coming up, it’s time to distract your head with the new streaming releases. Among this week’s highlights are Netflix’s “Game Purchased” documentary series, which features six incredible stories that mix sports and crime, told by the athletes, coaches and police officers involved, and “Towards the Stars,” which accompanies a NASA mission to repair a device that seeks to reveal the origins of the universe.

Check out the EXAME Casual selection below to enjoy the weekend without having to spend hours zapping in front of the TV. 😉

Blind Marriage Brazil (Netflix)

Now in Brazil, this reality show brings participants who are in search of true love. But they have to choose their future partners without meeting them in person. In charge of the attraction are the couple Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo.

Purchased Game (Netflix)

This documentary series shows six incredible stories that mix sports and crime, told by the athletes, coaches and police officers involved. The episodes cover the figure skating scandal at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics; pilot Randy Lanier’s marijuana trafficking scheme; the Arizona State University basketball team’s match-fixing operation; the man who killed horses to cheat insurance; Calciopoli, the biggest match-fixing scandal in the history of Italian football; and the tragic story of Hansie Cronje, captain of the South African cricket team.

The Manor (Amazon Prime Video)

After suffering a stroke, Judith Albright (Barbara Hershey) decides to live in a historic nursing home. However, during her recovery, she begins to suspect that something supernatural is attacking the villagers. Now Judith needs to figure out how to escape the forces of evil, but first she’ll have to convince everyone around her that she doesn’t belong here. The work is part of the series of films “Welcome to the Blumhouse 2021”, with Bingo Hell (2021), Madres (2021) and Black as Night (2021). From the same director of Soulmate (2013).

Among Men (HBO Max)

In Between Men, after a VHS tape recording an orgy involving a senator from Buenos Aires is leaked, the politician rushes to retrieve it and save his reputation. Meanwhile, the country’s capital is in turmoil with conflicts between the “civilization” of downtown neighborhoods and the “barbarism” on the other side of the bridge. While marginalization and social inequality increased during the 1990s, the richest enjoyed their privileges, oblivious to Argentina’s social problems.

Towards the Stars (Disney+)

Through intimate footage, personal video diaries and live broadcast footage – parked on Earth and in space – viewers get a first-hand look at the all-important team of engineers, flight controllers and experts who take on these dangerous and inspiring missions for the greater good.