Negão da BL picks a fight with Nadja at Ilha Record: ‘You are my vote’


MC Negão da BL decided to pick a fight with Nadja Pessoa at Ilha Record. During a dynamic, shown on Tuesday (3), the singer called the digital influencer “algae”, which means to be a “plant” person in the game, and made her furious. “You are my vote,” assumed the explorer.

The confusion started when the participant wanted to ease the situation of Mirella Santos, who was receiving the most votes as “algae” on the reality show, and decided to target Nadja, without giving a very clear explanation.

Not understanding the reason for having entered the most boring category of all, the blonde questioned the decision of her colleague in confinement. “Why did you put me there? Why don’t I do anything inside the house? Is that what you mean?”, asked the ex-farm. “It’s just because I wanted to put it on,” replied the singer. “But isn’t it justified?” Nadja continued.

After being pressured by the opponent, the MC decided to open the game about his choice: “You are my vote, I have no affinity with you, I can’t reach you. You entered the game after you saw that yours was in the straight, I think so, period”.

Later, Nadja commented on the behavior of Negão da BL in a conversation with the presenter Sabrina Sato. “I’m not going to come and drool over his egg, like [não vou fazer com] that of no one here. The people I have closeness to, I have closeness to. He took it to the staff, got stressed and even said that his vote was going to be for me,” replied the blonde.

Check out the video:

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