Nelson Freitas will play Eike Batista in a film about the rise of the millionaire


Nelson Freitas will be responsible for playing Eike Batista in a film about the rise of the millionaire who has already built a wealth of 30 billion dollars, but who ended up arrested in an offshoot of Operation Lava Jato, which investigates corruption schemes. The production will be directed by Dida Andrade and Andradina Azevedo.

According to the column written by Patrícia Kogut, from the O Globo newspaper, the feature film will be based on the biography Tudo ou Nada – Eike Batista and the Verdadeira História do Grupo X, written by Malu Gaspar. Mariza Leão and Tiago Rezende sign the project, and filming should start in September.

Ex-wife and mother of two of Batista’s three children (Thor and Olin), Luma de Oliveira won a short role in the feature and will make a small part in the story about the businessman’s dealings with politicians. The film will also show the work of the executives of their companies — employees who earned the name of “dream team (dream team)” and “praetorian guard”.

The young actor Paulo Verlings joins the cast in the role of a businessman linked to the protagonist. Nelson Freitas’ last roles at Globo were in the soap operas O Tempo Não Para (2018) and Malhação: Toda Forma de Amar (2019). Currently, he is part of the cast of Super Dança dos Famosos.

Who is Eike Batista?

Founder and president of the EBX group, Eike Batista once had a fortune estimated at 30 billion dollars according to Forbes magazine. In January 2017, the tycoon who became rich exploring oil, gas, logistics, energy, shipbuilding and coal was arrested in an offshoot of Operation Lava Jato and became a defendant for the crimes of corruption and money laundering.

In July 2013, according to the Bloomberg ranking, the rich man’s fortune decreased to 200 million dollars. The following year, his equity was reduced to negative one billion dollars.

Four years later, in 2017, Eike Batista had his preventive detention ordered by Judge Marcelo Bretas, of the 7th Federal Court of Rio, in the scope of Operation Lava Jato on charges of having paid a bribe of 16.5 million dollars to the former governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio Cabral.

The millionaire was denounced by the MPF (Federal Public Ministry), became a defendant and served under house arrest for the crimes of corruption and money laundering.

On September 30, 2019, Batista was sentenced to eight years and seven months in prison for manipulating the stock market with the use of inside information to gain an advantage in the sale of OSX shares on the Stock Exchange in 2013. In 2020, he was sentenced to another eight years of imprisonment for manipulating the capital market with false information in notices about OGX.

This year, the 3rd Federal Criminal Court of Rio sentenced Eike Batista to 11 years and eight months in prison for the crimes of manipulation of the capital market and use of privileged information. The businessman was also sentenced to pay R$871 million in fine, according to the decision of Judge Rosália Monteiro Figueira.