Netflix Movie: Snake Star Kai is ‘Ugly Duckling’ in She’s Awesome Remake


One of Netflix’s top August premieres, He’s Too Much, debuts on the platform this Friday (27th) as an updated version of the classic She’s Too Much (1999), a romantic comedy that was hugely successful in the late 1990s. the role of “ugly duckling” in high school is Tanner Buchanan, the Robby of Cobra Kai.

The premise is basically the same as the original feature. In the first version, Freddie Prinze Jr. played the most popular handsome in the school who accepted a bet: transforming a girl considered out of the standards of beauty into prom queen. As his victim, he chose the protagonist played by Rachael Leigh Cook.

In the remake, TikTok Addison Rae star is Padgett Sawyer, professional blogger and one of the most popular girls in high school. When an outbreak of her boyfriend’s betrayal goes viral on social media, she takes a gamble to try to regain her prestige. The mission? Turning the ugly duckling of Cameron Kwellet (Buchanan) high school into prom king.

The responsibility for updating the plot rested with R. Lee Fleming Jr., none other than the screenwriter for the original film. But the mission was complicated. She’s Too Much became a classic at the time, but grew old full of problems due to the machismo involved in the narrative.


From ugly duckling to prince charming

The remake is happy to fix certain errors. If before the cast was almost predominantly white, Ele É Demais wins in diversity. There are actors of different ethnicities and homosexual characters that correspond to society as it is. However, the big problem with the original film was at the base of its story.

The bet made in both films is problematic. In the vision of the protagonists imposed by the script, it is impossible to feel attracted to people outside the standard. In the original, Rachael Leigh Cook played a nerd with glasses and unkempt hair, while Tanner Buchanan plays an alternative kid with equally greasy strands.

If the very basis of its plot is already full of flaws, the remake also fails to convince in what should be the main focus: the romance between Padgett and Cameron. In the original, the approach of Prinze Jr. and Rachael is built in a natural way and without abusing the public’s intelligence. The two are from different “worlds”, and their lack of attraction is heightened by their “ignorance” of each other.

In He’s Awesome, Cameron isn’t quite an “out of the box” kid. It only takes two social interactions with Padgett for him to start looking at his preppy girl with new eyes — coincidence or not, when she’s in a bikini at a party. In the case of the protagonist, this approach is less forced, but Addison Rae’s lack of experience in acting makes the process of watching the film a little more painful.


ele e demais rachel leigh cook addison rae Netflix Movie: Snake Star Kai is 'Ugly Duckling' in She's Awesome Remake

Rachael Leigh Cook retorna no remake

For fans of the original feature, Rachael Leigh Cook and Matthew Lillard return in different roles from She’s Awesome, but without failing to pay tribute to details that became classics along with the film. In the case of the actress, the redesigned song Kiss Me returns at a decisive moment, while the actor reinterprets his dance that became a meme on social networks.

In the end, He’s Too Much is a fair attempt to re-imagine a classic film in the current mold and without the shackles of the industry of yesteryear. However, by just recycling what was already done in the original, the remake arrives to the public with the impression that it is already late for the current times.

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