Sunday, April 11, 2021

Netflix premieres of the week have the series The One to film with Jennifer Garner


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Netflix brings premieres expected by the subscriber this week. Between this Sunday (7) and next Saturday (13), the platform adds to the catalog series and films that have a chance of being among the most viewed in the Top 10.

Among the novelties are The One series, based on the book by John Marrs, The Dealer and the third part of Paradise Police.

As for the original films, Silenced, Children of Istanbul and Sim’s Day arrive, with Jennifer Garner (Suddenly 30), Édgar Ramirez (The Undoing) and Jenna Ortega (You).

In addition, the documentary Last Chance U: Basketball and the feature Halloween (2018) will also be added to the catalog.

See the synopses of the stories:

Halloween – he’s 8

After 40 years of escaping Michael Myers’ attack (Nick Castle) on a Halloween night, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) will have to confront the masked killer for the last time. The protagonist was chased by the memory of having her life close by, but this time, when the villain returns to the city of Haddonfield, she is ready.

The Houseboat – day 9

Musician friends Fynn Kliemann and Olli Schulz face two years of renovation to try to recover the houseboat of singer Gunter Gabriel (1942-2017).

Who Wants Home – Day 10

A wedding planner and a real estate broker compete to win the hearts and budget of these couples. What will they prefer: a spectacular party or a dream home?

The Dealer – Day 10

In this series filmed in the documentary style, tensions intensify when two filmmakers infiltrate a neighborhood dominated by gangs to record a video clip.

Last Chance U: Basketball – Day 10

The documentary series Last Chance U hits the basketball courts, where a Los Angeles coach motivates young people who dream of reaching their full potential at renowned colleges.

Silenced – day 11

Basque Country, 1609. To postpone his execution, a group of women accused of witchcraft offers to perform a Sabbath for the inquisitor.

The One – dia 12

Loves (and lies) get out of hand when it becomes possible to find the perfect person through a revolutionary service based on DNA analysis.

Paradise Police: Part 3 – day 12

Nothing exemplary police officers in Paradise engage in blackmail, sperm theft, intimidation in a confectionery shop and other unspeakable crimes.

Sim Day – day 12

Accustomed to always saying no to their children, a couple decides to fulfill the children’s craziest wishes in a day of few rules and a lot of family fun.

Istanbul Children – Day 12

On the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, the anguished worker at a recyclable garbage dump Mehmet welcomes a boy and soon needs to confront his own traumatic childhood.

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