Netflix releases have Sex Education production on Schumacher


Netflix has prepared a week full of firsts. Between this Sunday (12) and next Saturday (18), subscribers will receive several news in the streaming catalog. There are productions for all tastes, with a great chance of appearing in the Top 10 of the platform in the coming days.

Among the featured series are the new seasons of Sex Education, Final Space and Mandou Bem!, as well as the arrival of Brooklyn’s seventh Nine-Nine, starring Andy Samberg.

In the film catalog, the streaming platform The Father that Moves Mountains, BAC Nord – Under Pressure and The Protector 2, starring Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal, arrive on the streaming platform.

Also premiering are documentaries Schumacher and My Heroes Were Cowboys, children’s productions A StoryBots Space Adventure and Noitários de Arrepiar and the reality Brincando com Fogo – Latin America.

Check the synopses:

  • The Protector 2 (day 12): In this sequel, former CIA agent Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) must once again get into action. But in this case he returns to avenge the death of a friend.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season Seven (13th): As Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) rethink their family plans, Holt (Andre Braugher) is angered by the relegation. Already the platoon sees the return of old friends and enemies.

  • You Radical – Amnesia (day 14): This interactive adventure features Bear Grylls with amnesia after a plane crash. He must decide between carrying out a rescue or surviving this extraordinary situation.
  • A StoryBots Space Adventure (dia 14): Along with the Storybots, the crew of SpaceX Inspiration4’s historic mission answers all the kids’ questions about space.
  • Playing with Fire – Latin America (15th): With episodes released weekly, this reality show shows a group of single people from Latin America on a challenge: not having sex. The reward for abstinence? US$100 thousand (R$528 thousand).

  • Nice job! – Season 6 (15th): In an attempt to recreate culinary masterpieces, confectioners of dubious reputation vie for a cash prize.

  • Schumacher (day 15): In this revealing documentary, Michael Schumacher’s career and his pioneering spirit in Formula 1 serve as a guide and inspiration for thousands.

  • Spooky Nights (15th): In the plot, a horror story fan must tell a scary story every night. If you fail, you will be trapped forever in an evil witch’s magical apartment.

  • Final Space – Third Season (16th): This animation shows Gary and his crew struggling to survive in the terrifying dimension of Final Space. For that, they need to escape the villain Invictus.
  • My Heroes Were Cowboys (16th): Robin Wiltshire’s suffering childhood was saved by Western movies. Now he trains the horses he loves so much for the movies.
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: After discovering Grayskull’s legendary powers, young Adam and his friends accept the mission to defend Eternia from the terrible Skeleton.

  • Sex Education – Season Three (17th): ”Sex therapy” begins to gain fame in the school hallways, and the new management needs to rein in the restless youth. Meanwhile, Otis (Asa Butterfield) tries to hide a secret.

  • The Father Who Moves Mountains (17th): After his son’s disappearance, a retired intelligence agent risks his life in the snow in the mountains.

  • BAC Nord – Under Pressure (17th): Tired of small cases, three police officers have a chance to break up a drug trafficking ring in Marseille, France. But things get complicated when an informant asks for a favor.
  • Tayo and Little Wizard – Season One (17th): When his friends are kidnapped by an evil magician, Tayo must embark on a grand adventure to save them.