New Captain America takes on Falcon and Winter Soldier in teaser series


The fifth and penultimate episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier won a new teaser that shows a lot of tension and the beginning of the heroes’ confrontation against John Walker (Wyatt Russell), the new Captain America. In the video, Sam (Anthony Mackie) asks for Steve Rogers’ shield back, when Bucky (Sebastian Stan) soon leaves for the violence.

In the final stretch, the series has not yet had a second season officially confirmed. In a recent interview, Sebastian Stan revealed that he has not yet been told if he will return for a new year.

In addition to the confrontation of the protagonists against the new villain, the fifth episode should also present a new character in the Marvel Universe. According to showrunner Malcolm Spellman, he is an actor known to the public.

There are only two episodes left to complete the first season of Falcão and the Winter Soldier. They are available in the Disney + catalog every Friday.

Check out the teaser (without subtitles) of the fifth episode of Falcão and the Winter Soldier below:

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