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New episode of WandaVision explores Billy and Tommy’s powers; know what they are


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The sixth episode of WandaVision entered the Disney + catalog this Friday (12) and not only advanced the plot of the mystery about the alternative reality created by Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) but also revealed for the first time the powers of Billy (Julian Hilliard) and Tommy (Jett Klyne), children of the heroine with Vision (Paul Bettany).

Titled A Scary Halloween Unpublished !, the new chapter followed the format of honoring series from the past decades and recalled elements of the productions of the 1990s and 2000s, especially the opening inspired by Malcolm (2000-2006).

With Halloween in Westview, Wanda prepares her family to celebrate together while the children have fun with newcomer Pietro (Evan Peters). Right away, his plan goes awry because Visão invents an excuse to explore the limits of the community and to end the mystery of his wife’s secret.

During the ride to get trick (or treat), Billy and Tommy begin to manifest their powers for the first time. In the comics, the children of Wanda and Visão also become superheroes and become part of the group called Young Avengers, assuming the codenames Wiccano and Célere respectively.

Tommy inherited the super speed of Uncle Pietro / Mercury. In WandaVision, the boy seems to be as quick as his uncle, using his ability to steal the treats from the entire population of Westview. In comics, he not only has the ability to break the speed of sound, but has the same white hair as Wanda’s brother.

In Billy’s case, his powers were not exactly explained. The series revealed that, like his mother, the boy has some kind of telepathy, allowing him to see (and feel) situations that happen from miles away. In the comics, his abilities are even more powerful, since Wiccano has magical gifts and manages to change realities, just like the Scarlet Witch.

With three episodes remaining for the end of the series, WandaVision is likely to show Billy and Tommy using their powers in combat. Previous trailers have already shown Wanda and Visão getting ready to defend their reality, so it’s possible that the whole family gets into the fray.


Tommy and Billy using their powers

Pietro and the suspected villain

The series’ biggest revelation to date, the arrival of Evan Peters as Mercury, Wanda’s brother, continues to intrigue fans and the protagonist herself. In the new episode, Pietro revealed that he returned after hearing a kind of call from his sister – even after his death.

Despite Pietro’s good relationship with his children, Wanda does not seem to be very comfortable with the different face of the twin. At MCU, Mercury’s interpreter was Aaron Taylor-Johnson, but scientist Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) has already explained that, somehow, the Sorceress “rescheduled” her brother’s role in the new reality.

On social media, fans speculate that Peters is not, in fact, Mercury. Some theories on the web point to the actor as the incarnation of Mephisto, who in the comics represents the “demon” of the MCU.

The villain’s role in Marvel comics is even greater given that he is directly linked to the origins of Billy and Tommy – Wanda gave birth to twins from pieces of Mephisto’s soul. It is also not possible to discard the attitudes of Hayward (Josh Stamberg), agent of the SWORD who wants to defeat the Sorceress for some reason still mysterious.

The six released chapters of WandaVision are now available on Disney +. A new episode is added to the catalog weekly, always on Fridays.



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New episode of WandaVision explores Billy and Tommy's powers;  know what they are