Neymar gives a cross response after criticism from Patricia Pillar: ‘Stop scoring’


Neymar gave a cross response to Patricia Pillar after reading some criticisms the artist made of him on social media. The actress said she was disappointed with the player’s behavior and statements, who reacted with irony. “I have to stop scoring now,” he wrote.

“Neymar disappoints me more every day,” wrote Patricia on Twitter last Thursday (9), the day of the match between Brazil and Peru. In the match, the striker scored a goal, gave assistance to another, but got a yellow card for complaint and will be out of the next game of the selection in the Qualifiers.

His goal made him pass the numbers of Zico and Romario with the Brazil shirt, and he declared that it would be an honor to overtake Pelé one day. “Talking about putting Pelé in the artillery was absolutely regrettable”, wrote the actress, in the same day.

“Ah well, I have to stop scoring now”, joked Neymar in the early hours of Monday (13). The player even put in smiley faces emoji in his response.

When questioned by netizens, the actress explained why she considered the statement regrettable. “Pelé is in the hospital, it wasn’t time,” she wrote. The former athlete was hospitalized in São Paulo on August 31 and underwent surgery to remove a tumor. The veteran’s status is stable, but he remains under observation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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