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Bárbara Bruno is at CTI and Beth Goulart used social media to ask fans for prayers

Reproduction / Instagram / bethgoulartoficial / 03.05.2021Bárbara Bruno, daughter of actress Nicette Bruno, is hospitalized with Covid-19

The actress Barbara Bruno needed to be hospitalized after testing positive for Covid-19, a disease that ended up killing his mother, the actress Nicette Bruno, in December last year. At the time, the case gained repercussion because the veteran artist had been at home for months following social isolation and ended up getting the disease after receiving a visit from a relative who was homesick. The news that Barbara is hospitalized was given by the artist’s sister, also an actress Beth Goulart, through social networks. “I have news to report that it is not so pleasant, but it is more and more common in Brazilian families. My sister, so dear, so loved, Barbara Bruno, was tested positively for Covid. She is hospitalized, hospitalized, at the ICU and, today, she had to be intubated, ”said Beth. “I would like to ask everyone to come together to make a moment of prayer, strengthening, positive and good energy so that she can overcome all of this, so that she can come out victorious, she will leave and we will celebrate for being all together again”, added the actress, who also asked for prayers for everyone who has the virus. Barbara is 64 years old and received the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 on April 9.