Nostalgia, tears and longing: Friends reunion takes fans back to 1994


The reunion of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc in the special Friends: The Reunion takes fans back to the past. The actors enter Warner Bros. Studio 24 one by one, the same one in which the series was recorded between 1994 and 2004, as if it were the first time, thrilling the viewer in the first minute.

The special will only debut in Brazil on June 29, with the launch of the HBO Max platform here. To satisfy the fans’ will and curiosity, the TV News advances everything that happens in the episode, which lasts 1h40 and has several special guest appearances.

[Atenção: Contém spoilers de Friends: The Reuninon abaixo]

The first to arrive is Schwimmer. In the sequence, Lisa, Jennifer, LeBlanc, Courteney and finally Perry, who makes a joke that would be typical of Chandler, enter. After they miss their homesickness, the actors start to remember recordings, internal jokes and feelings that started 27 years ago.

Cast meets at Central Perk studio

The special shows behind the scenes of the sets, dressing rooms and audience before James Corden even appeared to coordinate the meeting at the source that served as the setting for the opening of the show – which was recreated for the new scenes. The actors also watch together recording errors and accidents that they suffered on the sets.

“Very exciting, very fun, actually. We are a family,” says David, when asked about the feeling of being back. The other five agree, and everyone is thrilled throughout the special.

Throughout the program, the actors appear in different environments of the series, recreate scenes – like the gameshow that made Monica and Rachel lose the apartment to Joey and Chandler in The One With the Embryos, of the fourth season. This is where the secondary characters begin to appear, surprising both the audience and the stars.

friends the reunion elliott gould christina pickles Nostalgia, tears and longing: Friends reunion takes fans back to 1994

Elliott Gould e Christina Pickles no especial

Nothing changed

The harmony between the six stars of Friends makes it seem that time has not passed. It is as if they have gone back to the beginning after each character has gone on with their life, exactly as it appears in the last scene of the last episode.

At one point, Lisa says that friendship in real life is really like it was on the show. The only difference is that they don’t see each other every day, but the feeling remains. “At any time we send messages or call each other. They answer, they are there”, says the actress.

Several passages also show the six gathered around a table reading the scripts. The “rehearsals” are interspersed with original scenes from the series, and it is possible to notice how much they still keep from the characters, since the staging in reading is exactly the same as the scenes from years ago show.

Kudrow brings the same surprise as Phoebe in the One in which Everybody Knows when he plays the iconic scene in which he shouts: “My eyes, my eyes!” (My eyes, my eyes!), For example. Just like Jennifer and Schwimmer bring back Ross and Rachel’s passion in the scene of the first kiss. The actors even had a crush in real life, but never related.

friends the reunion matthew perry matt leblanc poltrona Nostalgia, tears and longing: Friends reunion takes fans back to 1994

Matthew and Matt recreate the armchair scene


Many actors who participated in the series appear in the special. Some of them even play their characters, as is the case with Lary Hankin, who enters Monica’s apartment in a bathrobe as Mr. Haclkes, the grumpy neighbor.

Richard (Tom Selleck), Jack and Judy Geller (Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles) and Janice (Maggie Wheeler) also show up at the reunion.

The episode also features Thomas Lennon, Joey’s “hand twin” in part 2 of The One in Vegas, in season five. Reese Whiterspoon appears on video giving a testimony about how she felt when she was invited to play Jill, one of Rachel’s sisters, as well as James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther.

friends the reunion justin bieber Nostalgia, tears and longing: Friends reunion takes fans back to 1994

Justin Bieber dresses up as “Spudnick”, like Ross

Among the celebrities who participate in video telling about their love relationship with the series, are the group BTS, Malala Yousafzai, David Beckhan, Mindy Kaling and Kit Harington.

Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Cindy Crawford and Cara Delavigne are present in the studios, recreating some of the scenes of the series or making references to them. Lady Gaga, for example, sings Smelly Cat with Lisa Kudrow, who incorporates Phoebe at the moment.

Watch the official trailer below: