‘Olympic cute’, Darlan Romani received help from Huck to make his dream come true


In recent days, the name of Darlan Romani has become a topic on social media. The shot-pitch athlete did not win medals at the Tokyo Olympics, but he did win a legion of fans with his cuteness during interviews after competitions. Before becoming the darling of the web, he had already passed through Caldeirão do Huck, when he realized his dream of having his RV remodeled by the professionals of the Lata Velha framework.

The athlete’s participation in the Globo attraction took place last year. At the time the story was shown to the public, Luciano Huck explained that he had learned about Darlan’s story through the network’s Sports department: “They sent us and said: ‘This guy is really cool.’ His life’s dream is to renovate this RV”.

During the meeting with Luciano, Romani said that the RV had been purchased in 2014 as a way to honor his father, who is no longer alive, but the money was not enough to repair the vehicle. “I said: ‘Brother, I don’t have money, can you issue a credit card?’

Before having the vehicle remodeled, Darlan had to become a country singer to perform the song Ai Se Eu Te Pego, by Michel Teló, on the Caldeirão stage.

Tokyo pitch

This Thursday (5), Darlan returned to the subject on social networks after competing once again for a medal in the Olympics. The Brazilian did not become a medalist, as he was fourth in the shot put final. Romani registered the mark of 21m88, being 59cm from the bronze medal, which was taken by New Zealander Thomas Walsh with 22m47.

On Tuesday (3), after qualifying for the final of the sport, the athlete sent a loving message to his family and went viral on social networks. “Today is her birthday [minha mulher], she must be just crying at home, she knows everything we’ve been through this year,” he said, holding back tears.

Before arriving in Tokyo, Darlan was diagnosed with Covid-19, as was his family. Isolated and without access to training sites, he had to use a vacant lot near his home, in Bragança Paulista, in the interior of São Paulo, to prepare for the Olympics.

In the interview with Globo, he was moved when talking about the troubled moments, but won over viewers by sending a message to his wife.

“Can I send a congratulations to my wife? My love, happy birthday, God bless you, thank you for being my companion. Daughter, my love, daddy loves you, our little heart. I love you,” he declared.

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