On Holiday With Ex, Gabily breaks the label on the rack: ‘Appearances can be deceiving’


Because of his funk career, Gabilyjoined De Férias Com Ex: Celebs 2 with a rack image for a portion of the program’s fans. However, the singer gained prominence by experiencing romantic encounters and mismatches on the reality show. Thus, she breaks the initial label and leaves a warning: “Appearances can be deceiving”.

“I am zero stall, everyone can see this in the editions of the program. People making shacks with me, being short, and I, all the time, on my line, because I don’t leave it at any time in my life”, highlights the Fluminense in an interview with TV News.

Caíque Gama’s ex also reinforces that this self-knowledge was one of the main lessons she learned during her confinement: “I am receiving a lot of feedbacks from people who expected it to be up because it was funky and came from the lowlands. appearances are deceiving, because I was completely the opposite. Despite being expressive, I am very calm to resolve various situations in my life “.

“I am a little surprised to have had all this prominence in the program, as I did not do all the making and licking that the program asks for. In reality, I lived stories inside. These stories are having their respective highlights, which ended up bothering some I think everyone had a moment when they screwed me in there “, he points out.

I learned to, in fact, not to trust 100% in the people that we believe to be our friends. At some point, they will let you down with something, and you have to be prepared. And I learned not to trust men, number one on the list (laughs). Not to trust, to really understand the other person’s intention, not to be deceived by what the other person says. In fact, it was my biggest learning experience in this program, as I am very emotional.

Gabily also delivers that almost missed the current season of the reality of cruising. “MTV contacted my record company, but there was a moment when I would not go again, I had a problem that I still don’t know what happened.I got in touch with the production and started saying how much I liked the program. After that, I got word that I was going to be on the show five days before they confirmed the cast. I had to pack my suitcase running, it was a real trick “, she recalls.

Outside the house, the artist warns that she has no problems with the ex-participants on social media and praises Marina Gregory, her rival within confinement: “I like her very much. She has a different and authentic personality, she says that. false or convenient with the situation. She already watched an episode at my house in Rio, met all my friends who were rancid about her because of the program “, she says.

The reality participant takes the opportunity to confess a desire not achieved in the program: to return to the Master Suite of the house. “But with someone else, because there was no time. I can’t say who it is, as it will be a spoiler for the next episodes”, he says.

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