Oscar-winning national gems .. a flower in the ear!


The recently released full comedy entertainer movie Jatiratnalu has become a super hit movie at the box office in Tollywood. People flocked to the theaters to watch the film as the audience liked the way the film was directed by Anudeep. Little is said about the comedy done by Naveen Polisetti, Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi in this film.

As a pucca comedy entertainer movie, it is known that this movie has collected huge collections. Recently, however, a poster related to the film went viral on social media. The poster for Jatiratnalu has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture in the Best Janeziger category. The audience is at once taken aback by this. They are wondering when the gem movie will win an Oscar.

However, as today is April 1, on the occasion of All Fools’ Day, the national gem film unit made the audience go crazy. So it seems they posted this poster on social media. Audiences who find out the real thing are failing to be April Fool. However, many say that the gems in the comedy genre tried to make the audience laugh in this way.