‘Out of Bolsonaro’ will appear in The Farm 13? Galisteu will ‘treasure’ politics


Adriane Galisteu warned that she will “treasure” the attempts at political militancy in A Fazenda 13. The new presenter of the reality show on Record said that messages like “Outa Bolsonaro” will not have space within the attraction and that, for the artists, talk about this theme is something complicated.

“I’ll find a way to scissors, I don’t think it’s funny at all. It happens, we’re on a live program. Of course we have a script to be followed, but suddenly a person says something and there’s no time to somebody [da produção] say something, then I go according to my perception and my feeling”, explained Galisteu in the interview for the launch of the reality show.

In the chat, where TV news was present, the blonde recalled that she always avoided manifesting herself politically throughout her career: “I don’t get involved in politics because I think it’s too complicated and I don’t think we’ve ever lived in such a complicated moment like the one we’re experiencing, unfortunately, because voting is fundamental” .

“It’s essential that we exercise our opinion. I’m from that time when giving an opinion was so cool, you had to put yourself as an artist. Today, it’s not so cool. For an artist, it’s very complicated. There are many things that involve my participation in A Fazenda, look at how many brands are with me, within the greatest Record product”, he added.

In addition to the impacts on commercial commitments, the new star of director Rodrigo Carelli’s team defended that the mission of entertainment is to entertain the public. “I can’t go around saying things I think or someone inside A Fazenda, it doesn’t make sense. Politics, I don’t think it fits,” he pointed out.

“Even the way of speaking, we have to rethink the way we put ourselves a thousand times. It’s very serious, I believe in it, that we have to learn every day. More really, if there’s something I think isn’t funny right now , is talking about politics. Politics is a reality apart!”, she pointed out.

Record’s director of realities, Carelli agreed with the presenter: “We can’t lose sight of entertainment. The reality show is an entertainment, one of the biggest, most awaited at this moment in which we are living. So…”

Fazenda 13 debuts next Tuesday (14), on Record. Confirmed in the cast: Victor Pecoraro, Mussunzinho, Liziane Gutierrez, Nego do Borel, Tati Quebra Barraco, Arcrebiano de Araújo, Mileide Mihaile, Dayane Mello and Valentina Francavilla.

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