Out of No Limit, Carol Peixinho regrets having betrayed her ally in the game: ‘Repentant’


After being eliminated from No Limite 5, Carol Peixinho regretted having betrayed Gleici Damasceno, a participant who has already left Globo’s reality show. The woman from Bahia was one of those responsible for the departure of the BBB18 champion from the survival program. “I was sorry,” said the businesswoman, remembering her vote for the digital influencer.

During the No Limite Chat, the BBB19 participant said she understood Gleici’s hurt in relation to the vote, since the two were allies in the game. “She was very upset, and I understood that she was upset. Then she told me that she understood the vote a little, but I was sorry because she is a person who could be with me until today on the program”, lamented Peixinho.

When she left the reality show, Gleici also went through the program hosted by Ana Clara Lima and confessed that she was surprised to learn that her friend had voted for her: “Even today, trying to understand this vote, we’ve already made up our minds out here, we’ve talked , that doesn’t define her. But to this day I keep trying to understand. Then I understood that she had talked to Jessica [Mueller]”.

“I thought we had an alliance. That’s what I believed, it wasn’t what was in her head,” added the BBB18 champion at the time.

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