Out of No Limite, Angélica Ramos seeks Boninho’s authorization for A Fazenda


Out of No Limite 5, Angélica Ramos begins to make plans for her post-reality show life. The 39-year-old former BBB is happy with the title “owner of entertainment” given by the public, who suggested her name for A Fazenda. If Record’s invitation comes, the digital influencer says that she will ask for authorization for JB Oliveira, Boninho.

“I was a child of Globo, I was born there. I have a lot of affection, respect, admiration and gratitude for everything that was done with my image there. Logically, I’m not in the mood to discard possibilities and money (laughs). My priority would be to do something with them [a Globo]. But if you invite me to A Fazenda, the first thing I’m going to do is: ‘Boninho, they asked me for another reality show. Are you going to let me go there? ‘”, She hands over to the TV News.

“I think about not missing out on opportunities, because I need to pay slips. And today, I pay slips in euros [ela mora em Chievrès, na Bélgica]. The decision of what will be going forward in relation to returning to television is in the hands of Globo. I hope these opportunities [convites de outras emissoras] arrive, even for us to have this dialogue “, he completes.

Second eliminated from No Limite 5, the participant of Big Brother Brasil 15 goes further in her artistic desires and even craves a chance as a presenter. “I would go back to No Limite to present together with Andre [Marques], to make a line with Ana Clara [Lima]. Not to compete, because it is difficult “, he comments.

Angélica Ramos: reference for black women on social networks (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

From the reality experience, Angélica has a positive balance for her image – she started the season, which is very popular with the public -, and good stories. When it was eliminated, for example, it was hidden in Beberibe (CE) until its departure was announced to viewers.

“We were in a surreal armor. I used to walk in a burqa and sell. He passed through the corridor of the hotel in a burqa “, he recalls.

“I lost count of how long I was confined. I stopped counting the days. Before joining the program, we were [confinados] without anything. No TV, cell phone or watch, so I lost track of the days. After I left, they released the television “, she hands over the backstage of the attraction. Contact with the outside world only happened on May 18, when she left the dispute.

The model’s first step in the current phase is to boost her career as a digital influencer. “I want to continue doing what I already do, which is the issue of female empowerment, of the LGBTQ + issue. When I joined No Limite – in addition to trying to earn the R $ 500 thousand -, Plan A was to use this showcase that is the Globo for our work “, he considers.

“I understand that there is a great distance for racial reasons. We know that reality is wonderful, but if you are not retinta it is much easier. As much as I left with this reputation of ‘owner of entertainment’, we are still working and looking for partnerships to see if these jobs are going to happen to me or not “, he adds.

Inspiration in Camilla de Lucas

To get along on social media, the actress is also inspired by names like Camilla de Lucas, runner-up to Big Brother Brasil 21. “I’m trying to try this representation. We have Camilla, who proves it. She is looking for that. that space as a black woman to encourage other girls who are prominent in the periphery, like me and her “, she highlights. Before her fame, Angélica lived in Embu das Artes, in Greater São Paulo.

“I want to work on the issue of feminism and female empowerment, talk about beauty, fashion and aesthetics. These are areas that I feel like. We are good at what we master. When it comes to defending or giving self-esteem, which is what I do in my network, this involves many segments of the female universe “, she explains.

Free from commitments to Globo, model will return to Belgium next Tuesday (1st). Married to the Franco-Belgian businessman Laurent Mougeout, 52, the artist moved to Europe in 2019. She left Brazil thinking about the future of her children, Luiz Otávio, 14, and Vinícius, 10, from a previous relationship. The former nursing assistant gave birth to Maria Laura, abroad. Today, the girl is two years old.

“I’m dying of homesickness. Do you believe that Maria is hurt by me? I call and she doesn’t say ‘mommy’, she looks at me, but she disguises it. She has abandonment syndrome. She’s giving me a bucket of ice (laughs). Well my daughter, right? This is the moment to live with my miniature version “, he amuses himself, about the strong personality of the heiress.

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