Outside BBB21, Arthur denies fame as aggressive and ventes about threats


Since leaving BBB21, Arthur Picolitem has made clear his indignation at the threats his family received during his time on the program. In addition to getting tired of dealing with haters on the internet, the ex-brother is moved by the impact that everything has had on his parents’ lives. In the hope that the attacks will end once and for all, the physical educator still has to worry about denying the fame of aggressive he won in the reality of Globo.

In an interview with the magazine’s website Quem, the former participant did not deny the shock he had when leaving the program and discovering that his parents were being threatened. “I was very scared to see the attacks they were receiving, especially my mother. My family is very simple, from the countryside. It is modest. I had never seen my father cry. When I arrived in Conduru [ES], I went to hug him and he collapsed “, he said.

Arthur reveals that he received attacks from all sides, including famous people. “They [os pais] they even asked for the program, via my sister, for my departure. Twice. My mother received horrible messages. There was a person who said: ‘Prepare the coffin, that we will pick it up at Projac within one’, “he revealed.

With all these threats, the mother of Carla Diaz’s ex-crush no longer wanted her son to return to Rio de Janeiro or travel to São Paulo. “She doesn’t want me to be going out. I’m going to have to change the condominium. There were things that happened that were not legal,” he said.

Bad reputation

Guarded 24 hours a day, Arthur had attitudes inside the house that earned him the reputation of being aggressive outside of confinement. In the program, he even got involved in discussions with other participants, such as Juliette and Fiuk.

But he asserts that “in real life” he is a calm person and not aggressive. “I always tried to act, inside, with the truth. As I am outside. You get inside and you have to live the reality. Do the things that the game imposes. I knew it was going to be real. I just didn’t know that I was going to touch on a side that hadn’t touched on in a long time “, he admitted.

“There is not, in fact, a side of Arthur angry that fights at a party, for example, because I never fought, I never punched anyone. But this Arthur was already problematic in the field [de futebol] playing, for example. The Arthur who curses, who screams, who was captain of the team, was the one who appeared there for Brazil to see “, he clarified.

He assumed that in the game he didn’t need friends, but he had to win, see results. “Whoever said that I am aggressive, angry, asshole, it is because they do not know me out here and do not know the things I went through when I left. But I am calm, I am reaping the rewards. The worst is over,” he celebrates.