Outside of A Fazenda 13, Erika follows Tati’s crosshairs: ‘C* doesn’t arrest anyone’


Eliminated from the week of A Fazenda 2021, Erika Schneider remains the target of criticism from the reality’s pedestrians. This Saturday (9), Tati Quebra Barraco recalled the last mess with the dancer and complained again about the behavior of the former dancer of Faustão. “C* don’t arrest anyone,” opined the girl.

“She got crazy when I told her: ‘It’s no use being pretty and not having intelligence’. She got crazy! If she could go on television, she would,” began the singer, and Erasmo Viana added: “It was, she said: ‘You mean you’re accusing me of being stupid for the whole of Brazil?’

The comments amused the confined, and Tati continued with the complaints: “Do me a favor! My friend who says that, and neither ass nor pussy hold anyone, okay! Make a good shovel shovel [sexo], not clean to see. That’s on the street at any time, isn’t it?” Viana and Victor Pecoraro agreed with the phrase from the native of Rio de Janeiro.

Lary Bottino also questioned the arguments used by the former player within the game. “This thing of exclusion, which I hear about. Sorry, I just arrived and nobody excluded me here. I didn’t have actions that caused me exclusion consequences. Someone did, you understand?”, said the former MTV.

During the recording of Hora do Faro, held on Friday (8), Tati needled her former companion in confinement. “You’re right there on the other side! It’s no use being beautiful if you don’t have intelligence, babe. If it were for being pretty, I wouldn’t be here. Oh, you have to be right there,” said the singer during the exchange of barbs.

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