Outside the ‘BBB 21’, Sarah says she doesn’t know how her relationship with Rodolffo will be – Young Pan


The ninth participant to leave the program also spoke about her suspicions about Juliette and the controversial comments she made about the pandemic within the reality

Reproduction / Globo / 31.03.2021Sarah said she didn’t cheat on Rodolffo and she doesn’t regret what she did on ‘BBB 21’

Sarah was on the podium of many people who follow the “BBB 21”, But the sister got lost in the game and ended up being eliminated from reality. On the morning of this Wednesday, 31, the marketing consultant participated in the breakfast with Ana Maria Braga, in “Mais Você”, and said he “made a mistake trying to get it right”. “All I thought about there was what I was feeling. Unfortunately, I judged and mistrusted the wrong person and today I see that ”, said the eliminated, citing the break that she had with Juliette in the game. During the conversation, Sarah said that the most tense moment for her was the conversation she had with Rodolffo, in which she did not tell the countryman that Gilberto intended to point him to the wall.

The sister made it clear that she was disappointed Rodolffo and hinted that he doesn’t know if they will understand each other when the singer leaves “BBB 21”. “I’m still upset,” she said. “I really don’t regret [do que eu fiz], Gil was on my side all the time. I didn’t cheat on him, I was suffering a lot. ” For Sarah, the singer only approached her when she returned from the second wall, because he thought she was strong and also because people close to him were leaving. “At that time, I thought it was real.” The ninth participant to leave the game said that he really liked it was Caio, because he thought Roldolffo was a player. “The vote of Caio it disappointed me a lot ”, he emphasized. Before being eliminated, Sarah even had a conversation with the countryman, but said she knew that they would not be resolved. “I went to talk to him out of politeness, I knew we weren’t going to solve it because I was very upset.”

With her departure, Sarah believes that Gil is going to settle with Juliette and said she hopes for it. When reviewing the moment when she asked her friend to leave Paraibana, the ex-BBB stated that she does not regret it, since Juliette had said that she was going to vote for Gil and she wanted to protect her doctorate in economics. The marketing consultant also commented that she still thinks Juliette puts her life story in evidence in the game. “Everything we talked about, she managed to get around to talking about her, to give an example of her life. It may be her way, but inside a game we are suspicious of everything. I may have been wrong. I judged her, but I should have been suspicious of other people. ” Sarah was also asked about the comments she made minimizing the pandemic within the “BBB 21” and replied: “The only thing I can do is apologize. I apologized to the victims and to the victims’ families. The places I went to were regulated parties, but that doesn’t take away my mistake ”.