Pamella Holanda says DJ Ivis’s aggressions started while she was pregnant: ‘There was no regret’ – Young Pan


On one of the occasions, the ex-wife was attacked for contracting the artist, who would not allow the architect to breastfeed her daughter while she was with Covid-19

Reproduction/Instagram/PamellaNetherlandsDJ Ivis’ aggressions began while Pamella Hollada was pregnant with the couple’s first child

Pamella Gomes from Holland, ex-wife of Iverson de Souza Araújo, the DJ Ivis, participated this Tuesday, 13, in the “Encontro com Fátima Bernardes”, by Rede Globo, to talk about the aggression suffered by the artist. When asked about what she felt when watching the videos in which she was attacked by the DJ with slaps, punches and kicks, the architect said: “It seems like it’s not my life”. The attacks, according to Pamella, started while she was still pregnant and didn’t stop after Mel’s birth. The ex-wife says that the security cameras were not installed to record Iverson’s aggressions, but so that the couple could monitor the newborn baby while Pâmella was hospitalized after postpartum complications. But the recordings, however, helped Pamella gain evidence against her ex-husband. “I was afraid I would be discredited because he was a well-known person and had influence. We live in a sexist country, where women almost never have a voice. I thought: ‘I have to prove that this happens, that he does this to me’, because if it were just my word against his, I would live trying to prove it,” he said during the interview.

On the show, Pamella reported the reason for one of DJ Ivis’ attacks against her. “Mel had one month and 2nd days. At that time, I was with Covid, I was isolated in my room and all the doctors advised me to breastfeed. He did not want. [Ele queria] that I didn’t breastfeed because I said I was going to give her Covid,” she began. According to the architect, one of the videos captured the exact moment when she left the room to breastfeed her daughter but was interrupted by Iverson. “When he hits me with his shirt, he was leaving the house. It was exactly the time I left the room so I could feed Mel. Then he comes and hits me with his shirt. I insist on breastfeeding the baby, which is why I go, sketch, and pull her out of the cart to put her on my lap. It’s time he’s already put on the clothes and attacks me by pulling my hair.”

In the recording, in addition to Pamela, Iverson and Mel, it is possible to see another woman. “This woman is my mother, and she doesn’t show any reaction precisely out of fear of him,” said the architect. Pamela says she never told her mother about the attacks. “She found out by witnessing,” he claimed. The architect also revealed that it took her time to report it because she wanted to keep the family and because she was financially dependent on her ex-husband. But the situation changed when Pamella realized there was no desire to change on Iverson’s part. “He did everything on purpose, he did it because he wanted to. He decided to do it there. There was no use in my efforts to maintain the marriage. He didn’t show regret. It didn’t say it would get better, that it would be different now. Nothing”, he blurted out. “I didn’t want to be an example, I never imagined that for my life. I hope the authorities pay attention to all the cases and not just mine because it involves someone I know. Violence should not be routine in the home, so I encourage women to report it. There is no justification for an aggression, the act of hitting is an action, it is the purpose of those who act like that”, he concluded.