Paolla Oliveira criticizes lines by André Marques and Tiago Leifert after ‘Super Dança dos Famosos’ – Prime Time Zone


Actress stated that the sexual comments at the end of the funk performance were ‘not cool’

Reproduction/Globe NetworkPaolla Oliveira and Leandro Azevedo danced funk in ‘Super Dança dos Famosos’

The actress Paolla Oliveira, participant of the “Super Dance of the Famous“, criticized speeches made by the presenter James Leifert and by the guest judge André Marques after his performance of “Rainha da Favela”, by the singer Ludmilla, on the last 18th. At the end of the funk performance, Leifert asked André Marques: “Did you get it off the hook, Dedé?”. “There was a moment there that I sweated it out”, completed the presenter. “He can talk? The air is hot here”, agreed the guest judge, who added when giving the note: “Cachorreira”. After the comments of sexual connotation, the artist gave an interview to Or Balloon and commented on his participation in the program and the situation. “When I participated in ‘Dança dos Rendos’ for the first time, in 2009, I was terrified, I was terrified of falling live in the middle of ‘Domingão’. I had just been on TV, in 2005. Now, on ‘Super Dance of the Famous’, I feel calmer because I can have a little fun. As a good Aryan Caxias that I am, I train a lot, but I charge less. But it is not easy. It’s been 13 years! It’s a lot of articulation to put in order, I get all sore after the adrenaline wears off”, she said.

“I was surprised by the proportion of my funk presentation. André Marques and Tiago Leifert made comments that were not nice, like ‘I got hot’ and ‘what a dance that was’”, criticized the actress. “But for me, what prevailed were the observations of the girls present there. Fabiana Karla, for example, called my ‘tail’ wonderful, in her words! It’s a moment of freedom to be able to use my body to dance funk and roll around, so for so long I was kept in the drawer of the young lady in the soap opera. Because of what still needs to be transformed, we cannot fail to exalt a nice construction that existed there, the female empowerment. And on Sunday afternoon”, pointed out Paolla.