Paolla Oliveira takes the stage and kisses Diogo Nogueira during a show by Mumuzinho; watch the video – Young Pan


Owner of the presentation encouraged the kiss of the new couple and revealed that he was the one who introduced the actress to the singer

Play/TwitterDiogo Nogueira and Paolla Oliveira are dating

After they assume they’re dating, the actress Paolla Oliveira and the singer Diogo Nogueira they made the first public display of affection. In a show by the samba musician Mumuzinho, a friend of both, held at dawn this Sunday, 25, in Rio de Janeiro, the two kissed on stage. At the moment when Diogo made a cameo during the presentation, In the tooth called the actress to the stage and encouraged the kiss. The author of “Fuliminante” even said that he was the one who introduced Nogueira to Paolla. “I made a FaceTime with both of them. So, look what happened, guys. May God bless this relationship, this love. Long live love.”