Paulo Gustavo worsens and presents ‘unstable and extremely serious’ health condition – Prime Time Zone


Actor was hospitalized on March 13 in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro with Covid-19 and had been showing improvements in the last weeks

Playback / Instagram / paulogustavo31 / 15.03.2021The actor’s family also asked for “prayers for a recovery” from the actor and thanked the fans for their affection

The actor Paulo Gustavo had a worsening of his health on Sunday, 2, and remains hospitalized with Covid-19 on UTI. The information was released by the comedian’s advisory on Monday, 3. According to the medical bulletin, the change happened suddenly on Sunday night, with a “marked worsening in the level of consciousness and vital signs” of the comedian. The statement also says that tests showed a widespread gas embolism and that “the current clinical situation is unstable and extremely serious”. Finally, the actor’s family asked for “prayers for a recovery” and thanked the fans for their care. Paulo Gustavo was admitted on March 13 to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro with Covid-19. Since then, the health situation has worsened, which had been reversed in recent weeks. According to the latest medical bulletin, Paulo Gustavo came to interact with the medical team and her husband Thales Bretas on the Sunday before the sudden worsening.