Paulo Ricardo is prohibited from exploring RPM music


It is practically impossible to dissociate Paulo Ricardo from RPM, at least for the generation that grew up listening to the band’s music in the 1980s. But Judge Elaine Faria Evaristo, from the 20th São Paulo Civil Court, prevented the singer from using the brand RPM and declared that “no co-author may, without the consent of the others, publish or authorize the publication of a work”. In addition, according to the decision, Paulo Ricardo can no longer commercially explore the compositions made with Luiz Schiavon, keyboardist. Now, he is obliged to request authorization from colleagues before using classic RPM songs, such as Olhar 43, Louras Geladas and Radio Pirata.

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The artist’s lawyers clarify that he is not prohibited from singing these songs. “That would be absurd without any size, even because anyone can sing Paulo’s songs, or any other artist’s, with sufficient copyright collection. Schiavon and Deluqui themselves, with a supposed new band formation, have been executing the songs. “, recall lawyers Rodrigo Bruno Nahas and João Paulo de Andrade Ferreira.

According to the defenders, the action concerns the request for lifting of administrative block made by Schiavon with its publisher Warner, for the purpose of recording and publishing the songs in co-authorship.