Pitty turns meme after being scared by unusual advice from Ana Maria Braga


The singer Pitty ended up in the most commented subjects on Twitter, after being amazed by an advice attributed to Ana Maria Braga, during GNT’s Saia Justa, last Wednesday (26). She was chatting with Juliette Freire and the other presenters of the attraction when she was surprised by a speech by Gaby Amarantos about the veteran of Globo’s mornings.

“I wanted to tell you a phrase, since you are at that moment, I don’t know if you are in that search, but it is a phrase from our great philosopher Ana Maria Braga”, began the singer from Pará to advise the winner of BBB21. “Look for someone to break your bed, not your heart”, shot.

Shocked, the Bahian singer interrupted her colleague and asked, incredulous: “Ave Maria, did she say that?”Astrid Fontenelle confirmed the information about the 72-year-old blonde: “Ana Maria Braga understands that”. The paraibana added, with laughter: “Shocked. Ana Maria is damned”.

The subject started after Juliette stressed how good it is to flirt. The lawyer also agreed with Gaby’s speech that crushes even serve as inspiration for making music.

The most attentive netizens caught Pitty’s expression when they heard the phrase and turned the figure into a meme.

Watch the unusual moment below and check out some reactions: