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Adriane Galisteu’s debut divided opinions and generated comparisons with his predecessor, Marcos Mion

Reproduction/Record/09/15/2021Adriane Galisteu is the first woman to present the reality ‘A Fazenda’

One of the great news of “The Farm 13” was the exchange of presenters. For the first time, a woman was chosen to lead the most successful reality show on Record TV and Adriane Galisteu he was the one who took on the delicate mission of presenting the attraction after Marcos Mion left – who conquered the public with his laid-back way and with terms that were successful such as “making it” and “fire in the hay”. Mion, who now runs the “cauldron” on Saturdays at Globo, he sent a message to the new presenter: “I want to wish good luck to my friend of over 20 years old, excellent communicator, Adriane Galisteu, in charge of the farm! I remember that she always followed the program as a fan, asking me to go to Itapecerica to meet it live, so God bless this moment for her”. Galisteu replied: “My dear friend Mion, you know that I am your fan and I will happily debut with this message of yours, I love you”.

just like with James Leifert when he assumed the post of Pedro Bial in “BBB”, Galisteu suffered comparisons with Mion in his debut. Many followers thought that the presenter wanted to follow the style of her predecessor by changing, for example, “fazendola” to “fazendox”. During the program, she also released a “varandox” and was criticized. She also had followers saying that she deserved to be chosen to present the attraction and her resourcefulness in live was praised. However, one of the moments that went viral was when she first appeared to talk to the participants and they didn’t understand her joke. “Don’t say hello…”, said the presenter and, instead of answering “how are you, Galisteu?”, the pedestrians shouted: “The Farm”. She then said, “It’s okay, no problem. Next time we’ll get it right”. Galisteu is the fourth presenter to lead the rural reality show. Britto Jr. was ahead of the attraction in the first seven editions, Roberto Justus presented the 8th and 9th and Marcos Mion was in the reality of the 10th to 12th edition.

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