Porchat asks for ‘Bolsonaro outside’ in the National Newspaper during Mass by Paulo Gustavo


Fábio Porchat wore a mask with the inscription “Fora Bolsonaro” during the seventh-day mass held this Tuesday night (11), in honor of the comedian Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021), who died as a result of Covid-19. The request was visible during the actor’s interview with Globo’s Jornal Nacional.

“Paulo was a power and a strength. So nothing more pertinent than being on the side of a figure with such strength, as Christ [Redentor]”said Porchat, referring to the place where the ceremony was held.

The report also highlighted the presence of Mônica Martelli, Ingrid Guimarães and Regina Casé at the event and showed an excerpt from the speech of Thales Bretas, widower of the comedian, in addition to the moment when Déa Lúcia, her mother, sang the song Fascination.

O presidente Jair Bolsonaro (sem partido) foi criticado em 4 de maio, quando lamentou a morte de Paulo Gustavo em seu Twitter. “With his talent and charisma, he won the affection of all of Brazil. May God receive him with joy and comfort the hearts of his family and friends, as well as of all those victims in this fight against Covid-19”, he wrote.

Several internet users accused him of hypocrisy due to the federal government’s lack of action to combat the pandemic. “You are the most responsible for what happened to Paulo. You are the most responsible for these 400 thousand Paulos [referência ao número de mortes pela doença no país]”wrote user Bruno Very Humble at the time.