Power Couple Brazil: Bruno loses R$ 5 thousand and clashes with Matheus


Rivals in Power Couple Brasil 5, Matheus Yurley and Bruno Salomão starred in a new shack within the reality. This Sunday (4), after the phoenix couple lost R$ 5,000 during the Quebra Power activity, the doctor and youtuber discussed and exchanged more barbs in the game.

In this week’s dynamic, the couples needed to hit four rings in the photo of the opponents. When the mission was completed, the couple responsible for the last ring took R$5,000 from the joint account of the eliminated. With the house divided, Matheus and Mari Matarazzo, Daniele Hypolito and Fábio Castro, and Renata Dominguez and Leandro Gléria united and soon eliminated Thiago Bertoldo and Georgia Frohlich, Bruno and Deborah Albuquerque, and Li Martins and JP Mantovani, respectively.

“You here are not in charge of anything at all,” said the digital influencer, and the health professional immediately countered: “You are the owners of the program.” With Bruno’s comment, Deborah, Li and JP started clapping for the influencer couple in a mocking tone.

Yurley took up the floor again and continued with the criticism of the former leaders of the game: “Today you are en masse, you are talking. You were not like that, I have already taken on several activities in which I have positioned myself, and you have been soaping. Now, you are the owners of reason”.

“You only appeared after Marcia [Fellipe] eo Rod [Bala] they climbed on top of us, you were a nobody here, handsome,” fired Deborah’s husband.

During the confusion, Mari asked the doctor to shut up, but he continued with the criticism: “This isn’t your YouTube, no, you’re a reality guy. You want to do it. [uma cena] for the guys to hold you, make your show that here is not your YouTube”.

Check out some excerpts from the dynamic:

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