Power Couple: Medrado lowers the level with profanity and shouting in attack on Deborah


The mood ended during the reunion of Fernanda Medrado and Deborah Albuquerque in the final stretch of Power Couple Brasil 5. The rapper took advantage of the dynamics of this Thursday (22) to accuse the actress of commenting on her and hurled a curse during the edition Live.

The confusion started when the singer asked permission to deliver a lollipop to the “phoenix couple”, referring to the fact that Deborah and Bruno Salomão called Mari Matarazzo and Matheus Yurley “kids couple” [crianças]”.

“I didn’t come to attack anyone. Deborah mentioned my name several times in the house. Things that hurt. A woman who said my nail was a monster, a woman who said I had said she was a peacock. A person who lies on national television, who even said she was attacked,” snapped Medrado.

Annoyed, Bruno took the pains of Deborah and began to yell at Claytão’s partner. “You managed to appear again, you didn’t make it on the show and you came here to do it. You left in the first week, no wonder.”

Before closing the shack, Bruno’s wife stated that Medrado will not be invited to A Fazenda 13 because of his behavior. “I don’t think they’ll call you, no,” opined the redhead. “It’s true, I think so too, fucked up. Sorry, Dri,” said Medrado after firing the curse word.

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