Power Couple: Mirela Janis scoffs at Bruno for watching Holiday with the Ex


After the live shack during the DR vote on Power Couple Brasil 5, Mirela Janis made fun of Bruno Salomão for having watched all episodes of De Férias com Ex Brasil: Celebs –reality in which she participated. Deborah Albuquerque’s husband stated that the dancer was a plant on the MTV program. “He’s out of a patient,” she mocked the doctor.

When called a plant, Mirela asked if the doctor had watched the program in which she participated in 2019. “I saw all the episodes”, revealed Bruno, still on the live program. After the voting ended, the redhead echoed the fact with MC Mirella and Mari Matarazzo.

“Did you see what he said? That I was a plant in my reality, said that I watched all the episodes”, she started, laughing a lot. “The doctor has nothing to do, people”, he mocked, with Yugnir Ângelo laughing together.

Mirela, in fact, did not have a significant participation in the reality of making out on MTV. The dancer entered as Túlio Rocha’s ex in the first episode of the season and did not star in any shack, but yielded one of the biggest memes of the edition.

She was the one who got scared, screamed and “ran away” from the bed when she saw the size of Flávio Nakagima’s private parts in the master suite. After that, the weather cooled, and the couple did not enjoy privacy as they should.

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