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Prime Time Zone, Movie: Supermodel Kender Jenner has approached the court with police information that a young man was roaming in America to kill himself. She sought protection from a 24-year-old man named Malik Bowker. A Los Angeles Police Department detective told the court she was told of the incident.

A man named Malik was allegedly trying to buy a gun illegally to kill himself, according to legal documents. He is currently being treated in the psychiatric ward of the Psycho Local Hospital and has been warned by police that he may be released soon. The incident revealed that she was suffering from mental stress and that she had never met the real person. The judge responded positively to Kendall’s request for possession of the Expensive Property. Orders were issued to give him 24 hours protection. Authorities have already set up heavy security near Kendall’s house and are keeping a close watch for 24 hours.