Pyong gives a wallet on Ilha Record, and Negão da BL points out ‘gangs’ on reality


Saturday’s episode (31) of Ilha Record showed how was the first party of confinement on the coast. The event, with the theme “pirate”, did not cause much fuss, but it sparked barbs among the competitors. Pyong Lee, who participated in BBB20, gave a “card” when he disagreed with a speech by Negão da BL. The MC already pointed out the existence of “gangs” in the reality show.

After the party, the 23-year-old funk player talked to Antonela Avellaneda in bed. The Argentine model tried to start a conversation about voting strategies, but was cut off by Negão. “You gotta let that game stuff go, man. You’re pretty hooked on game stuff,” he pointed out.

“I know we’re in a game, but for everything there’s a moment. There was a party just to distract the mind. Don’t be a plant, but don’t be a target either”, advised the MC, who is in his first participation in a confinement reality.

Pyong, who like Antonela already played in Big Brother Brasil, asked to join the conversation and gave a wallet of someone who is a veteran in programs with the format of coexistence and elimination.

“I already participated [de reality], I already competed. Every week someone goes there in that canoe [de eliminação]. Someone will leak. I don’t want to go nor do I want my allies and friends to go,” explained the magician.

“The game starts collectively, you take the people you like the most with you, this issue of loyalty. In the future, we start doing something healthy, but to get to this stage we have opponents who are closed and do not open because of relationships before here,” argued Pyong.

Next, the edition showed a statement by Negão da BL. The funkeiro said he did not agree with the illusionist’s view and warned that he identified the divided groups as Ilha Record gangs.

“The game has gangs. There’s Claudinho, Lucas and Any’s gang. And Pyong’s and Thomaz’s gang. In Pyong’s gang, Nadja is now getting closer, Antonela, Valesca… It’s okay that alliances and allies are heavy, but it looks like you want to intoxicate the person’s mind. I run away as much as possible. I’m a player, I won’t close with a [grupo] for the other to look at me”, justified the artist.

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