Quoted for A Fazenda 13, Dayane Mello is revolted by pressure from fans: ‘It’s ugly’


Dayane Mello, former participant of Big Brother Brasil Itália, became angry after reading comments from netizens encouraging a romance between her and Rosalinda Cannavó, who had also participated in the confinement reality show. “It’s ugly,” complained the model this Monday (30).

During her passage through the Grande Fratello VIP, the model kissed her then colleague in confinement. At the time, she even assumed her passion for her opponent. “I spoke about the experiences I had, yes. I am very convinced of what attracts me and what I do, so it is natural for me to say that I am in love with this woman [Rosalinda]”she said at the time.

This Monday, however, Dayane dismissed the rumors about a relationship with the former participant of Grande Fratello.

“Everything I post, that I live, is my real life. Let other people live in peace. Stop this Rosmello and Rosalinda thing, it doesn’t exist [isso]. We are friends and that’s it. There is no marriage, there is nothing. What we lived in there is gone. Understand this! My God, it starts to get boring,” she complained during an Instagram live.

In another excerpt, the Brazilian asked internet users to respect her and Rosalinda, assuring that the romance was in the past. “Accept and respect our decisions, okay, girls? Be careful when you expose yourself too much in the lives of others, you don’t have that right. It’s okay to be a fan, love each other’s lives, like, but not opine, not to feel owner of the other’s life.”

“I’m happy, I’m fine. But stop building things in your heads, stop it, it’s ugly, it’s very ugly. You don’t respect our choices. It hurts, it hurts, because we don’t live that anymore. A life is mine, I have the right to show the reality of my life, and you, who one day love me, the next, hate me, want to destroy me,” she added.

Thanks to the success she had during her stay at Big Brother Italy, Dayane is listed as one of the names to be part of the cast of A Fazenda 13. Despite the rumors, so far, the list of participants has not been confirmed by Record.

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