Rafa Kalimann admits crying spells over haters: ‘Panic, despair and fear’


Rafa Kalimann vented on his social networks about the action of haters on the internet. The vice-champion of Big Brother Brasil 20, from Globo, admitted that she had already had crying spells because of the hatred disseminated for free on social networks. “Will to give up, despair and fear,” he confessed.

The 28-year-old presenter used her Twitter this Monday (6) to comment on the repercussion of the story shown by Fantástico, on Sunday (5). In a special report, the digital influencer and other famous people exposed the insults and insults they receive on the web.

For the electronic magazine, Rafa read excerpts from a message in which an internet user said he wanted to “spit” in her face. “It hurt to read those comments there. But they are daily, continuous and many of them I can’t even understand the context, it’s just for the pleasure of the writer. Hater is one of our biggest setbacks,” he declared on Twitter.

“Finally, stories like this Fantástico show showing the seriousness of haters on the internet. Don’t normalize the open evil that has become fun for many here,” he continued.

To her followers, the ex-BBB shared that, on many occasions, the cruel judgment has shaken her. “I’ve cried without being able to control myself, there were countless panic attacks, wanting to give up, despair and fear. I’ve read that I was ‘worthy of death’ for saying ‘good morning’. They’ve already decontextualized situations, lied, distorted, everything to increase the hate, so that more people would play it,” he said.

“I’ve already shut up in the face of a lot of lies and a lot of offense so as not to be offended anymore, because to defend or deny something [acreditem] increases even more. It was already ‘hypado’ to speak ill of me as it happens to many other public people,” he lamented.

In the end, Rafa vented on how haters act in their hate attacks. “And it’s no use saying that it doesn’t exist because we know that [existe] Yes. It generates like the most offensive comment, it engages more and that is unrestrained, without thinking about who is reading it,” he declared.

“Just as I know my long outburst [de revolta] can generate me even more hate. Only today he’s already a hardened Rafa. Unfortunately, because I didn’t want to get used to it,” he concluded.

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