Rafa Kalimann renews with Globo for three years and causes controversy when he talks about the pandemic: ‘We are going to reap incredible things’ – Prime Time Zone


Influencer stated that the health crisis caused by the coronavirus was a moment of maturation and displeased internet users with her ‘positive’ view of the tragedy

Rafa Kalimann is the presenter of GloboPlay’s ‘Casa Kalimann’

Influencer Rafa Kalimann used his social networks on Tuesday, 29, to answer questions and revealed that his contract with the Globo Network it was renovated for another three years. “Are you still working at Globo?”, asked a follower. “Of course yes. Now for another three years. We just renewed,” he said. Currently, Rafa runs the “Casa Kalimann“, no GloboPlay, but the format of the program did not please viewers. However, what caused controversy among netizens was Rafa’s answer to another question. “Do you think we’ll be like after the pandemic?” asked a fan. “Who really opened up to live this moment of so much pain to learn… Because we have two options: use it and turn it into hate, as many people have done, or use it for our benefit, learn and evolve as a human being”, started ex-BBB. “I myself think that my way of seeing, absorbing, wanting to learn, seeking and understanding has matured so much. I think everyone is going through this process now, you know? Our record will drop when all this passes”, he added. In a text that accompanied the videos, the influencer wrote: “We need a lot of change, but I feel we are going to reap incredible things.” Because of the response, Rafa Kalimann’s name was among the most talked about topics on Twitter. The ex-BBB was criticized by netizens for the “positive” view of the pandemic of coronavirus, which has already left 515,000 dead. “Yes, Rafa Kalimann, 15 million unemployed Brazilians, half the population without food on their plate, surely the most important thing is to learn”, wrote an internet user. “That’s right, Rafa Kalimann, tell this to my father who lost his mother and to my mother who lost her sister to this disease”, criticized another.

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