Rafael Cardoso works for over a thousand hours a week at Globo; understand


Rafael Cardoso will not have to worry about pension reform or even do the math to retire from Globo. Starting in April, the heartthrob will give an expedient of at least 1000 hours a week when appearing in three restatements and an unprecedented novel – in addition to A Vida da Gente (2011), he will also be in Ti Ti Ti (2010) , Império (2014) and in the final stage of Salve-se Quem Puder.

Since the station instituted the “special editions”, he is the first actor to appear in all the serials in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo until the nine o’clock soap opera – with the exception of Malhação – Sonhos (2014).

The interpreter will break a record that belongs until then to the pair formed by Paulo Rocha and Juliana Paes. The Portuguese appeared, at the same time, in the reruns of Fina Estampa (2011), Totally Too Much (2015) and New World (2017). The actress was also featured in Paulo Halm and Rosane Svartman, in addition to A Força do Querer (2017) and Laços de Família (2000).

Recently, Carla Diaz hit the post by reliving the rivalry between Bibi and Carine, from the plot of Gloria Perez, in prime time at Globo. In two soap operas on the air, she secured her “third” spot on the evening schedule when she was announced as one of the participants in Big Brother Brasil 21.

Cardoso, too, will not have much time to rest the image. If the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) does not recur, the audience leader intends to show Um Lugar ao Sol and then amend with the remake of Pantanal – with the artist’s lineup already underway.

At first, the station’s official Twitter account made fun of the situation. Quadruple dose of Rafael Cardoso in my week starting in April. “Did he already ask for music at Fantástico?”, Says the tweet, in reference to the tradition of a soccer player requesting a musical number in the program by scoring at least three goals in the same match.

Globo, however, will still need to deal with the overdose of other names in its cast, such as Lília Cabral. With the return of Império, she will appear for the third time in a row at nine, after Griselda in Fina Estampa and Silvana in A Força do Querer.

See Globo’s tweet about Rafael Cardoso’s overdose:

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