Record hires Antonia Fontenelle to present new reality show


One of the most harassed personalities by Record to enter A Fazenda, Antonia Fontenelle will make her debut on a reality show on the network. But not as a participant, but as a presenter. She will be ahead of Famosos em Apuros, a new bet of the Hora do Faro program.

The reality show will be a mix of Simple Life with Rich Women and No Limite, putting three celebrities to face some difficulties in tests and unconventional situations.

The trio selected by Record to spend the perrengues under the command of Antonia Fontenelle are Adriana Bombom, Li Martins –who has just left Power Couple Brasil 5– and Luiza Ambiel, the biggest shack in A Fazenda 12.

The reality show will mark the debut of Antonia Fontenelle as an open TV presenter. She has always refused Record’s advances, which have already tried to put her in A Fazenda and Power Couple Brasil, but always rejected it because it considered the channel’s fee to be too low.

crying and confusion

Famosos em Apuros will not go easy on Bombom, Luiza and Li. They had to face a pre-confinement before traveling to shoot the reality show scenes, but some spoilers have already started to leak.

The eternal muse of the Gugu Bathtub had a crying fit in a situation in which she was completely covered in mud. The production had to stop recording, calm the actress and wait for her to recover before continuing with the work.

Candy also gave a little headache to the production. They were able to take few pieces of clothing in their luggage, and were limited in weight. But the dancer did not respect the rule and extrapolated the indicated value, and had to leave some pieces behind.

Famosos em Apuros is eagerly awaited by Rodrigo Faro, who wants to leave third place at Ibope. The premiere is scheduled for September.