Record invests in A Fazenda 13 and increases the fee… for the animals!


Year in, year out, the public’s curiosity about the fee that Record pays to famous people who agree to enter A Fazenda remains. To have names like Tati Quebra Barraco and Nego do Borel, it was necessary to invest more than usual. But it wasn’t just the artists who had their high passes on the reality show. The animals also “charged” more to be cared for by pedestrians who entered the confinement.

Record has partnerships with different animal breeding sites, and every time the animals enter the confinement, it is necessary to pay a fee, basically used to maintain health, food, a healthy life and constant assistance from veterinarians.

When the broadcaster invents to put an exotic animal, the cost is even higher. “Whenever we look for a different animal, like the horn cow we will have this year, we have to invest more”, confessed Rodrigo Carelli, director of the Record’s realities nucleus, to TV news.

While not uncommon in the wild, horned cows are Carelli’s big bet — he hasn’t been told if they require special care. Another new feature of the season is the return of the pigs, who were last on the reality show in 2019.

Over the 12 seasons already shown, Record tried to innovate in the selection of animals. Participants had to submit to the care of llamas, donkeys and even snails.

The famous Lyon horse, featured in the last three seasons, has not appeared in the images released so far. In its place, for now, there is only Colorado, a black and white horse. Ducks, sheep and chickens are also part of the program’s list of animals.

The distribution of tasks and care for the animals is the responsibility of the farmer of the week, who will still be defined in the reality show.

Fazenda 13 is under the command of Adriane Galisteu and has a group of 20 famous people competing for the R$ 1.5 million prize – a 21st pawn will be chosen through the Paiol TikTok.

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