Record invoices and closes sponsorship of Ilha Record after shacks on Instagram


Ilha Record, a new reality show that debuts on the 26th, got its first sponsor. The station closed with the Havan store after the weekend the show was involved in an Instagram shack. The attraction was among the main issues of the internet because of an alleged love affair between participants Pyong Lee — who is married — and Antonella Avellaneda in the recordings.

Luciano Hang’s company is currently one of the most advertised on open television and has bought a share of sponsorship for the new program. According to the reality’s commercial plan, another five quotas are available. Record’s expectation is to close with all brands and announce everything until next week.

O TV news found that the hammer was only hit this Monday (12), but the negotiations had been taking place for weeks. In other words, it was just a coincidence that the contract was signed shortly after the program had repercussions on social networks even before its debut.

However, the buzz generated by the public fight between Pyong Lee and Antonella was celebrated on Record. Names from the network understand that this draws the public’s attention and arouses curiosity to watch the program, which will be presented by Sabrina Sato.

Ilha Record is its own format created by the broadcaster. On the internet, the reality show was even compared to No Limite, but it’s not quite like that. In it, the famous summoned will have to go after a hidden object, as in a treasure hunt televised 24 hours a day.

Unlike other realities, the confrontation between the so-called “explorers” will not eliminate anyone from the dispute, but will send people to another place, called “exile”, where they will not be able to seek treasures. Those excluded will be able to return to the game if they win the return competition. Staying away from the treasure hunt doesn’t eliminate it, but it leaves the participant further from being the winner.

Understand the shack between Pyong and Antonella

On Saturday (10), columnist Leo Dias reported that influencer Pyong Lee had betrayed his wife Sammy Lee with ex-BBB Antonella Avellaneda – who participated in the fourth edition of Globo’s reality show. Pyong went to social media and said that the fact did not happen.

In addition to the alleged involvement in the program, Lee and the famous Argentine would have met at an inn in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, after the end of work on the attraction. Three famous people who lived with them would have confirmed going under the duvet.

“Internet people believing in any fake news for a change. No news. All for clicks and audience, and the program hasn’t even started. Worst of all is committing a crime of defamation. Save the comments and mimimi for when you watch,” wrote the former -BBB.

Sammy Lee spoke on the subject on Sunday (11). Pyong’s wife defended her husband and blamed Antonella for what happened. “I already know everything that happened, and although Pyong felt the temptation, he didn’t fall this time. And I’m proud of it, he evolved and will evolve more. I’ve never been married before and neither does he, I know as much as he how difficult it is to overcome the devil’s temptations, or do you think I don’t make mistakes either?”, defended the hypnologist’s companion.

“I hope that someday you will know love in its purest, understanding and free version. And that you will be able to be happy without trying to cause destruction wherever you go,” concluded Sammy to Antonella.

Sought, Record did not comment on the speculations of what was recorded on the reality. O TV news he also sought advice from the hypnotist, Sammy and Antonella, but had no return.