Record speaks out after rumors that Ana Hickmann did not want to meet Galisteu – Prime Time Zone


The presenter’s absence at the press conference for ‘A Fazenda 13’, which took place live on ‘Hoje em Dia’, was commented on by the public on social networks

Reproduction/Instagram/ahickmann/galisteuofficial/10.09.2021Ana Hickmann did not present ‘Hoje em Dia’ with Adriane Galisteu

The absence of the presenter Ana Hickmann in “Hoje em Dia” last Thursday, 9th, it did not go unnoticed by the public, especially because in the morning attraction of Record something unprecedented happened – a live press conference in which seven participants from “The Farm 13” were revealed. Ticiane Pinheiro and César Filho commanded the traction, which was attended by Adriane Galisteu, new presenter of the reality show. On social networks, viewers began to speculate if Ana’s absence from the morning attraction of Record would be related to Galisteu’s participation. According to Notícias da TV, Ana would have even asked not to be in charge of last Thursday’s program.

Wanted by Young pan, Record denied that the presenter of “Hoje em Dia” asked to be absent. “There is a rotation of presenters because of the pandemic. Not everyone is always in the studio at the same time”, explained the station in a statement. The friction between the presenters happened in 2012, when Galisteu presented an extinct gossip show on the Band called “Much More”. In one of the live editions, the new presenter of “A Fazenda” said that Ana would become a better person when she became a mother. The comment would not have pleased Ana and her husband, Alexandre Correa, began exchanging barbs with Galisteus. At the time, he even criticized the presenter’s appearance, saying she had “a rehearsed smile with a horse’s tooth and a vacuum nose.”