Reginaldo Leme makes a gaffe live on the Band: ‘Good morning, friends from Globo’


Formula 1 commentator Reginaldo Leme committed a live gaffe on Band during the Sports Show this Sunday (18th). Before talking about the racing competition, the journalist greeted the viewers of the station where he worked for 40 years. “Good morning, friends of Globo,” said the analyst.

On the sports program, Leme was called in by Kalinka Schutel — replacement for titleholder Glenda Kolowski, who is in Japan for the Olympic Games coverage — to give his analysis of F1.

“Of course I’ll start with you, Regi, after all, yesterday, in qualifying, we saw that Max Verstappen once again made poly position and beat Lewis [Hamilton] at home. Are you the favorite for today’s race?” asked Lívia Nepomuceno’s colleague — who covers Elia Junior.

“Good morning, good morning to you, good morning, friends of Globo! It’s the favorite, as has happened in the last six races. Hamilton hasn’t won six races”, replied the commentator, not noticing the gaffe. The program continued normally, without mentioning the subject.

However, on social networks, viewers did not let it pass. “Reginaldo Leme saying ‘good morning, friends of Globo’, hahaha, but we’ll wipe it off, that’s a phrase he spoke for decades and decades!”, warned Yuri Oliveira on Twitter.

“‘Good morning, friends from Globo!’ Leme, Reginaldo, now at Show do Esporte, in Band. It’s not easy to follow when you spend so much time in another company…”, mocked Fabiano Claro. “Reginaldo Leme failed there at the ‘good morning’ at the Show do Esporte… But perfectly forgiven,” said Carlos Alberto.

“Reginaldo Leme spent a lifetime at Globo until it took a while to confuse the Band with the Globo. Normal, follow the game, stupid people”, defended Leandro Vieira.

In December 2020, Band announced the hiring of Reginaldo Leme. The experienced journalist, a reference in motorsport coverage, arrived at his new home to comment on the Stock Car races, whose broadcasting rights the network acquired.

Leme worked at Globo for over 40 years and formed a successful partnership with Galvão Bueno in Formula 1 transmissions.

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