Remember is living! See five children’s series available on HBO Max


The arrival of HBO Max in Brazil brought back children’s series from the past. The new platform has a partnership with Cartoon Network and DC Comics and, with that, streaming has in its 1960s animation catalog the production about a young genius and his hidden laboratory.

In addition to the series listed below, the streaming platform also has movies for kids available. Tom & Jerry – Adventure with the Giant (2013), A Lego Adventure (2014) and Scooby! The Movie (2020) are on HBO Max.

To help the public with so many options in this new catalogue, the TV news lists five children’s series available on streaming that deserve to be checked (or remembered):

  • Big Time (1961-1962): Manda-Chuva leads the group of cats formed by Batatinha, Chuchu, Espeto and Bacana. They try to make a living earning easy money on the streets of New York. The problem is that they are constantly followed by the police officer Guarda Belo.

  • Courage, The Cowardly Dog (1999-2002): While living with his owners, Eustácio Resmungão and Muriel, Courage needs to face his fears to defend the owners from all the crazy dangers.

  • Dexter’s Laboratory (1996-2003): In this animation, Dexter is a genius boy with a secret laboratory in his room. His mother and father don’t know anything, but Dee Dee, his older sister, always shows up to torment the young scientist. Together they live various adventures.

  • Du, Dudu e Edu (1999-2009): With completely different personalities, friends Du, Dudu and Edu are always looking for money to buy caramel candy. For this, the trio tries different schemes with their neighbors.

  • Batman – The Brave and the Fearless (2008-2011): Instead of the classic dark tone of Batman, this animated series is more humorous. Batman joins forces with DC characters like the Green Arrow and the Blue Beetle.